Layla Soars: Paris Hilton Backs €3M in Ultimate Travel Companion

Big news for people who love to travel! Some big names in the travel industry just put €3 million into Layla Soars, the cool site for finding cool places to visit. Plus the one and only Paris Hilton. Andy Phillips and Barry Smith are the minds behind and Skyscanner. First Minute Capital and M13 were in charge of this investment group.

Layla Soars: Meet Layla, your new travel buddy

Layla Soars: Paris Hilton Backs €3M in Ultimate Travel Companion

Layla was made by Jeremy Jauncey, who made Beautiful Destinations, and Saad Saeed, who helped make the very popular food delivery service Flink. It will make all of your travel dreams come true. Layla helps you plan your next trip by showing you cool travel movies and using smart technology.

Tech Magic Makes It Easy to Plan a Trip

Layla has some really cool tricks up its sleeve. Layla makes it easy to find your next vacation spot with its unique technology. You can make plans for your trips and book them all in one place, with beautiful videos and custom schedules. There is even an Instagram Travel Planner in the Layla app to help you out.

Layla Soars: Finding Travel Destinations the Social Media Way

For getting ideas for trips, social media and short movies are the new cool kids on the block. The American Express 2023 Global Travel Trends Report says that 75% of people get ideas for trips from these sites. Layla makes it even better by putting your social media dreams together with simple steps for planning.

Power to Save Time

Ever been motivated by a post on social media but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen? Layla knows what I mean. It turns your Instagram dreams into a real trip without the stress. Don’t waste hours on different pages. You can count on Layla to quickly answer all of your trip questions.

“The Big Shots Bet on Layla,”

The Layla app isn’t like other travel apps. It has the support of big names like Saad Saeed, the tech genius from Flink, and Jeremy Jauncey, the mind behind Beautiful Destinations. Firstminute Capital is backing Layla, and even Brent Hoberman, the founder of, is on board. Andy Phillips, Barry Smith, and the beautiful Paris Hilton are all big names in travel, and they all back Layla.

Layla Soars: Hopes for the Future

This is what Jeremy Jauncey says about it: “People love short videos on social media, but it’s hard to turn that inspiration into a trip.” Through social media, planning, and booking, we want to make it easy for you to find the best places.

“Layla lets you find dreamy places with a swipe,” says Saad Saeed. After a quick chat on Instagram, Layla tells you about the best flights, hotels, and things to do that won’t break the bank. Visual search is the way of the future, and Layla knows it!”

Layla is in for some fun times ahead! To see the world in style with your new trip friend, get ready.