California State Parks: $15 Million for Local Park Improvement!

What do you think? California State Parks has some exciting news that could make our parks even more fun. Up to $15 million is being given away to build great parks in places that need them the most. The places we like to play outside are getting a change!

California State Parks: What’s all the fuss?

California State Parks: $15 Million for Local Park Improvement!

There will be a party for our parks put on by California State Parks. They want everyone to have fun outside, even in places where there aren’t many parks. They have about $224.1 million to give to projects all over the country. Each of us could get up to $15 million. For us, that means more parks, swings, and slides.

California State Parks: Changer of the Game for Park-Poor Areas

Katherine Toy, the cool Deputy Secretary for Access, says that this money can make parks in places that don’t have so many of them better. It’s like helping places that need it the most. California has a plan called “Outdoors for All,” and the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program is a part of it. Governor Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom support it. It’s like making sure everyone has a chance to do fun things outside!

California State Parks: How do you get in?

You can apply if you’re a cool city, county, or even tribe! Just tell State Parks what you want your park to be like. They want to build in towns or cities with at least 30,000 people. Think about what the best park ever would be like.

Time is running out!

Don’t miss this chance! You have until January 31, 2024, to send your park dreams to State Parks if you live in California. That gets you into the big game. For a chance to win big money, the National Park Service will get the best ideas. They are like superheroes for parks.

Why do you need to care?

The head of California State Parks, Armando Quintero, says that this money can help people, families, and towns work together. Think about new places where everyone can have fun, play, and remember times past. It keeps going!

How Do I Apply?

Are you interested? Go to California’s ORLP website to find out all the cool stuff. There are even classes to help you make sure your application is perfect. As if you were going to the coolest party in town yourself!

Join in the fun!

Since 1964, This park has been making parks cool. With almost $3.8 billion, they’ve built almost 8,000 parks! Don’t miss this chance if you want your neighborhood to have the coolest park ever. Let’s make California’s parks the best in the country—apply and dream big!